Dear Fellow Traveler,
My name is Jen, and I’m the founder of Roads and Rivers Therapeutic Services. Maybe you have experienced a difficult life circumstance, or you have struggled with shame, longing, addiction, anxiety, depression, a psychiatric diagnoses, or a traumatic past. Maybe your role in life is hard right now as parent, partner, spouse, child, student, employee, or friend. For every traveler, sometimes the journey is lonely.
And yet, roads and rivers are places where even the lonely traveler can encounter people, they relieve a lost traveler in need of direction, and they suggest the promise of communities—however remote or intermittent— that spring up along their course. Roads and Rivers is our way of saying we want to meet you where you are and connect you to what will carry you forward.
I started this practice to apply my abilities and professional training in the field of mental health in order to glorify God by serving and helping others.  I identify myself with the Christian Faith and I understand the human experience through the lens of my faith. This means I am confident in the dignity of your story and convinced of a significant purpose for your life.
Fellow Traveler, I recognize that I am only one part of your journey. I am coming along side of you for a time, and in order to travel together we need not be the same. Whether it is your own background, culture, faith, or countless other aspects of your experience, I appreciate what is important to you and strive to engage it in your counseling process.
I would like to know you, where you have come from and where you are going.